There are many types of weapons in the world of BlackShot. However, since there are so many, they are broadly labelled. There are 5 classes of weapons, AR (Assault Rifles) , SR (Sniper Rifles) , SMG (Sub-Machine Guns) , Sub (Secondary Weapon , may be a handgun or melee weapon) and Grenades .

Weapons will expire after a certain amount of time.However there are two types of weapons based on their method of obtaining as well as how the time spent is counted.

The first and more common type are the weapons which count by hours.These weapons are usually bought in sets of 1hour, 3hours, 10hours and 30hours.These weapons are also bought with Bounty Points(BP).These weapons will expire only when "IN USE" as shown when they are viewed in the Storage.The player may also switch weapons during a match by using the "B" button.The time using the weapon is deducted from the amount of time left on the weapon.If the weapon is switched for another weapon in match, the time will not be counted.Players can buy the weapons in advance and choose not to use them until they decide to.This allows players to keep an array of weapons on standby.

The other type and less commonly found of weapons are those which count by days.These weapons are usually bought with Playcash, obtained from GACHAPON, obtained from the Supply Box or are the rare gold weapons.The weapons bought using PC are obtainable in 1day, 7days, and 30days.These weapons are usually modified versions of BP weapons and are usually slightly better than their BP versions.The weapons from GACHAPON boxes vary and may last for 3-30 days and in some cases longer.The weapons from Supply Boxes last for 3 days from when the supply box is opened.The Gold weapons last for 1, 3 or 7 days when the player reaches a certain mastery level of the weapon.They may also be bought once the player reaches the Expert 4th mastery level in that weapon.

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